Rachel Soto  Vesta - The Group Real Estate

A Full Service, Concierge Realtor

Rachel is passionate about providing highly individualized and personalized attention to her clients. She encourages a proactive and empowering approach to help buyers and sellers achieve their goals. Rachel is known for being hard working, personable, solution-focused, responsive, and an effective communicator.

"Ama lo que haces y haz lo que amas." "Do what you love and love what you do."

Rachel’s Act 2 career as a full service, concierge Realtor® began in July 2019 and was a natural transition following fifteen years in Education and Educational Leadership in public, private, and co-schooling communities primarily centered around the importance of holistic educational practices. In both careers, she has observed that the key to a positive outcome lies in the ongoing practice of aligning expectations with reality and the intentionality of words and actions. For every client and every transaction, Rachel brings her best: a growth mindset, a can-do spirit, the valuable skills developed over two decades of professional work, and a broad perspective gained through lived life experiences as a woman, business owner, mom, investor, divorcee, educator, friend, community organizer, neighbor, and proud homeowner.

Knowledge is power and from an empowered position, Rachel believes that anything is possible. As a real estate advisor committed to earning your trust, Rachel provides professional guidance and reliably sourced information necessary so clients can make informed decisions about buying, selling, and investing. A lifelong learner herself, Rachel continuously seeks additional training and education that best equips her to support her clients. Rachel currently holds certifications and designations in the following areas: 

  • Certified Negotiation Expert
  • Senior Real Estate Specialist
  • Pricing Strategy Advisor, Ninja Realtor®
  • Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce.


An Agent Referral You Can Trust

Trust is everything when it comes to handpicking a referral agent to care for your clients. Rachel has assisted clients from all over the country and would be honored to interview for your referral opportunity to explore if she would be the right fit for you and your clients. With Rachel you can count on being kept in the loop throughout the process, so you never have to wonder if your clients are well taken care of. Interested in speaking directly with referring agents who have chosen Rachel for their referrals? Contact Rachel for that information and read reviews here.


Rachel’s Background

Rachel is mom to three amazing humans and they are her “why”. In addition to “momming” and “real estating”, Rachel has a natural propensity for organizing, developing effective systems, and redesigning spaces in the home. Prior to real estate, Rachel worked for two years on teams of residential professional organizers out of Fort Collins and Boulder and has experienced firsthand the successful outcomes that result from including professional organizing support in your life. Rachel is creative and artistic, enjoys listening to music, reading, and writing. Long drives through the mountains, camping, and snuggles with her kids are some of her preferred downtime activities. Sunday is her family’s favorite day of the week when they volunteer at Hearts and Horses in Loveland. Read more here about the work they do and the positive impact it has had in their lives.

Rachel has a BA in Journalism Advertising and a minor in Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and is fluent in Spanish. Rachel earned a Texas Teaching Certificate for early childhood-sixth grade and acquired a Master’s in Education from Texas State University. A notable achievement in her educational career was as founder, director, and teacher of Verona Schoolhouse as well as non-profit founder and Board Chair of Kairos Academy of Austin.


Divorce Real Estate Specialist

When you or your loved ones own real estate and death or divorce becomes your reality, it is important to surround yourself with a team of professionals to help you navigate these uncharted waters. Divorce is part of Rachel’s story and that life experience has taught her more than could ever be learned solely in a class about divorce and real property. Rachel’s own divorce involved the division of the family home, as many divorces do, and the outcome of the court’s decisions came way too close to compromising her ability to buy a home post-divorce for her and her children.

Rachel states: “I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but now I do. As a result, my desire is to share my own experience and offer my professional knowledge and support as a trained Real Estate Collaboration Specialist of Divorce so that others are more equipped than I was in those months leading up to mediation.” Read more about the specialized training Rachel received from Divorce This House.

If divorce and homeownership are part of your story, contact Rachel right away to discuss how she can help you - at no cost - gather house information and documents needed to make important decisions in your divorce. In the scope of the divorce process, pre-mediation is the ideal timeline for this work to be completed. The goal of Rachel’s work with divorcing homeowners is to:

  1. Protect the credit scores of both parties and
  2. Preserve homeownership eligibility for both parties.


Moving and Relocation Specialist

In 2002, Rachel made a solo move from her childhood home in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to Austin, Texas and in 2017, together with her three kids, they moved cross country from Austin to Fort Collins, Colorado. What was meant to be a four month sabbatical in Fort Collins turned into a decision to make Fort Collins their new permanent home. Northern Colorado is an amazing place to call home!

From firsthand experience as well as having assisted a number of relocation clients, Rachel knows that moving is a big deal regardless of if you are moving across town, across the state, or across the country. There are so many pieces to coordinate, decisions to make, emotions to process, and work to do…this is not a life change meant to be tackled alone and when Rachel is part of your relocation team, you can rest assured you will be fully supported. Rachel’s ability to organize, anticipate, and plan provides clients with extra hands and boots-on-the-ground assistance needed to make for a smoother move from one home to another. Before, during, and after the move, clients and their referring agents can count on Rachel’s full service, concierge support.

Whether moving to or from Northern Colorado, Rachel provides clients with home buying search tools, rental search help, home selling assistance, area information, and recommendations for a growing number of reliable service providers in the area. 

If you find yourself with an opportunity to leave Northern Colorado and make your next home elsewhere, Rachel has an ever expanding network of real estate connections throughout the United States and would be happy to help refer you to a trusted agent in your destination location as well as the confidence of continued assistance from Rachel through the move.